Indian Classical/Sacred Dance (ODISSI)

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body.- Martha Graham

This class/workshop series concentrates on Indian classical Odissi Dance, an ancient form of classical dance that is one of the most lyrical and graceful styles of Indian classical Dances. Odissi symbolizes the temple sculpture movements, reflecting the 3 dimensional postures where one position flows into the other creating an eternal flow within the dance. Slow and fast movements all flow with grace and beauty in Odissi. Odissi uses the eyes, neck, torso, hips, feet and various intricate mudras (hand gestures) which give this dance style itís beauty, grace and intricate technique. Experience the joy, magnificence, splendor and grace of Odissi classical dance, through this stimulating class/workshop series!

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Beautiful Performance example by Guru Gangadhar Pradhan