Yoga of Dance – Nritya Yoga:
Supreme Union of the Body, Mind and Spirit!


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I am created by divine light
I am sustained by divine light
I am protected by divine light
I am surrounded by divine light
I am ever growing into divine light
... Sankara

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Nritya Yoga, created by Amrita, concentrates on the physical, emotional, spiritual, socio-cultural aspects of ancient sacred movement, dance, Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and Indian Sacred dance are inseparable. It is believed that the sacred scriptures were handed down to us through expression, movement, and rhythm of dance; a dynamic form of Yoga (jyog)! This workshop offers a holistic practice that goes beyond technique and structure; and emphasizes the whole being , as a continuous form in joyful, ecstatic motion. This workshop explores the beauty and grace of 1) Nritya Yoga Postures, 2) vibrant, joyful Trance Dance and 3) Meditation in Motion using mudras(sacred hand gestures) & sacred mantra chanting. An experience that truly incorporates the body, mind & spirit; spiritually inspiring and soulfully uplifting! We explore the ancient philosophies of our creative/sensual energies through this compassionate, graceful, joyful voyage of the ecstatic soul!