Mudras: Magical Expressions in Motion! 32 page color booklet of 62 mudras!

Explore the magical expressions of Mudras: symbollic hand gestures used in Indian Classical Dance. Amrita Choudhury offers clear visuals of the 52 single (Asamyukta hastas) and double handed mudras (Samyukta hastas). In addition, 10 graceful, lyrical Odissi mudras are presented, total of 62 mudras are highlighted in this litterature.

A Mudra can be a hand gesture or the whole body position in dance. Permutations and combinations of various mudras offers us the possibility of expressing and interpreting any expression we desire. This litterature contains the basic alphabet of mudras and their basic meanings. Each of these mudras can be expressed in various other different ways depending on the context of the dance and the choreography. The sanskrit word, followed by the english translation has been provided.

Aside from being beautiful gestures, mudras are very therapeutic to practice as they touch upon the various nerve endings on our fingertips which in turn are connected to all the organs, muscles and each aspect of our bodies. Enjoy practicing the ancient art of mudras!

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