A comprehensive Training series in BOLLYWOOD dance technique, style, and choreography. Explore the wonders, grace, beauty, expression, vibrant rhythm and choreographies of authentic/traditional and modern/contemporary BOLLYWOOD dance ,through this specially designed intensive training series for all students, teachers and new comers. All are welcome!

Contents of Class:

  • History of Bollywood Dance forms: from Authentic/Traditional to Modern Contemporary
  • Bollywood - Classical style: various styles/forms of Indian classical dances used to choreograph bollywood dance sequences
  • History of Bollywood Dance forms: from Authentic/Traditional to Modern/Contemporary
  • Bollywood - Classical style: Indian Classical dance styles used in the graceful choreographies of Bollywood.
  • Bollywood - Folklorique style: Indian Folklorique dance styles used in the vibrant choreographies of Bollywood.
  • Bollywood- Gypsy style :Indian Gypsy dance styles used in the rhythmic and beautiful choreographies of Bollywood.
  • Bollywood Modern/Contemporary style
  • Bollywood fusion style: properly using classical, folk, gypsy, modern/contemporary styles in choreography
  • How to properly link mudras (hand gestures) and dance steps to bollywood songs and lyrics.
  • Expression: a vital element in Bollywood dance.- the story telling aspect of Bollywood with Bollywood song lyrics and music.
  • Using the proper technique, style of dance, correct expression to choreograph certain bollywood sequences.
  • Translations of the song used in the workshop choreography.
  • Technique, structure, meaning in choreography of bollywood dance sequences.
  • Mini-Choreography piece using all the above techniques.

Bollywood Intensive Video:

Amrita Choudhury has been teaching, choreographing, and performing for the past 32 years throughout North America, Europe Asia, South & Central America and in Aisa. She specializes in Indian Classical, Folk, Gypsy, BOLLYWOOD and many other Indian dance forms. She studied dance at Santiniketan (Abode of Peace) in India, a world renowned institution where the relationship between nature, spirituality and learning the arts was a part of everyday life.
Amrita Specializes in offering Master classes/Specialized training/Teacher trainings for Teachers, Dancers and Students to properly attain wisdom, knowledge and understanding of various Indian dance styles and how to incorporate it into their teachings, trainings and choreographies.
Amrita is also works in Dance/Movement therapy, works in the fields of "Dance & Cultural Research" & " Dance & Education". Her work has been featured in CBC radio and Television, Radio Canada, The History Channel, Canadian Television Network, TVA, in European and on Indian Radio & Television stations and at various other venues. Amrita travels globally offering workshops and performances and is a respected teacher and dance researcher.

For more information on Amrita, visit or contact 514-768-9711