Amrita in Santiniketan

Amrita Choudhury trained in dance since the age of 4 first from her mother, Shipra Bhattacharya, a dancer from India and then later on in Santiniketan, Orissa(Guru Chittaranjan Acharya) and Rajasthan in various forms of Indian Classical & Folklorique Dances. Amrita was educated in Santiniketan* (Abode of Peace) in India, a world reknowned institution where art, music and dance was an integral part of learning & a way of life. Here, the relationship between nature, spirituality and learning the arts was of great importance, and was a part of every day life.

Outdoor classroom at Santiniketan

Founded by the Nobel Prize winning poet Rabindranath Tagore, Santiniketan offered a cultural, philosophical, spiritual, artistic, exchange between various cultures of the world. An inherent relationship with mother nature, and a global understanding & respect for the world surrounding us, was at the root of this education. Santiniketan was India's invitation to the world to share in this experience of global cultural exchange through peace and harmony.